Green and Yellow Laser Modules with New Wavelengths 09.03.2023

Green and Yellow Laser Modules with New Wavelengths


Besides the already well-known green laser modules from Lasence with the wavelengths 530nm and 545nm(up to 1.8W) new laser modules are now available with wavelengths 520nm, 555nm, 561nm and 571nm. Most are offered with output powers up to 1W, have a fast rise time and are very reliable. The typical output beam has a diameter of 0.5mm with divergence ≤40mrad. With dimensions of just 18mm(20mm) x 55mm (Diameter x Length) they are very compact for this high output power. There are plenty of applications in which these laser modules can be used in:

Clinical Applications: Photoluminescence Microscopy, Robotic Surgery and Endoscopy

Industrial Applications: Agriculture, Food and Semiconductor Inspection

          Biomedical Applications: Cytogenetics, Optogenetics and Intravital Imaging

           - Science Test etc.


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